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Now that we have a .EXR file laying around, it’s time to do some tone mapping. In this part of the series we’ll be looking at a script to tone map that file. Well, actually several scripts. When I prepare a photo from HDR I tend to use several different tone-mapping operators, [...]
The next step in the procedure is to generate an HDR format image for each set of 5 images that we organized in Part 1. This part of the series is really very simple. There’s just one simple script to run in each directory that was created in the first part. Don’t [...]
OK, it’s been a loooong time since I’ve done much with the blog. I actually got an email the other day from someone asking if I’d ever gotten around to finishing the series. I was inspired to know that someone had even found it, so I figured I’d get back to work. [...]
Mon, 02 Apr
The first step to automating HDR processing is to get your images broken up into sets that you can work with. After going out to shoot pictures I can easily end up with 100 5 shot sets of images. That’s 100 HDR images to produce from 500 source images. File management can [...]
Wed, 28 Mar
The purpose of this article is mainly to server as an outline to myself for the series or posts I need to write to document my current method for automating HDR post-processing. I’m also just trying to get the feel for writing posts and what not. As I write the interesting bits I’ll [...]
Mon, 26 Mar
Well, I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a real blog portion of my site. This article was already there, and titled “Hello world!” when the system fired up and I nearly deleted it, but then I realized that I have to have a first post, and this seems as good as any. Fitting, really, [...]
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